Erbatech GmbH, based in Erbach, Germany, develops, designs and manufactures high end solutions for wet finishing of knitted and woven fabrics. After 50 years in the business, Erbatech GmbH has become the market leader in solutions specially designed for knit dyers and finishers.
Erbatech Plant & Equipment for the Waterproofing Industry stands for high-end solutions for the production of sealing membranes. Quality and reliability characterize our traditional company. Customers rely on our innovative and globally proven solutions.

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Modern Concepts For Pad-steam Bleaching


The first step to continuous finishing is made at SCOUT pad-steam bleaching ranges, which are suitable for scouring any cellulosic fabric, producing a constant and homogeneous base product for later dyeing or printing. Pad-steam bleaching achieves a high degree of white with less production costs compared to the traditional discontinuous over-flow technology, amongst many other advantages such as;
High reproducibility,
Product homogenity (no tailing),
Low fiber loss (no enzymatic bio-polishing),
Shiny and improved fabric surface (no pilling),
Low water, steam and power consumption.
SCOUT bleaching ranges are designed in modules and can be specially setup to meet requirements of any dye house or printer from 5 [t/day] to 25 [t/day].


With our GALAXY, continuous pad-steam bleaching is also possible in tubular form. Using the same principles and know-how applied on our open-width technologies, we are able to achieve high production and outstanding fabric quality with low processing costs. GALAXY ranges are available in setups from 5 [t/day] to 20 [t/day] for narrow or body size widths in half or full white. Perfect for the production of seamless T-shirts or underwear.


The optical brightener compartment (OBA) can be added at the end of any SCOUT or GALAXY pad-steam bleaching range in order to apply high or medium affinity optical brighteners without contaminating the main (bleaching) machine.

Modern Concepts For Cold Pad-batch Dyeing

Our cold pad-batch (CPB) dye padder is of the latest technology and features an advanced control system with graphical process visualization. The unit is entirely made of stainless steel and thereby easy to clean.
Different configurations for knit and woven fabrics are available in working widths from 1.600 [mm] to 3.400 [mm].
Reactive cold pad-batch dyeing on the SCOUT COLOR has many advantages over traditional discontinuous dyeing;
Fewer and cleaner effluents: No salts or silicates,
High reproducibility and minimum re-work,
High flexibility in batch size (from color samples up to 1.000 kg batches),
Suitable for delicate fabrics,
Shiny fabric surface without crease marks,
No need for enzymatic bio-polishing.

Modern Concepts For Washing

Using different combinations of compartments, SCOUT washing ranges can be set up for many different processes or capacities to satisfy your production needs by combining high productivity and excellent washing results with low water, energy and chemical consumptions. The main advantage and priority of Erbatech machines are their universal application from high sensitive elastic fabrics to heavy and sturdy technical fabrics. SCOUT washing ranges can be used for all main washing processes such as;
Preparation (de-oiling) washing before heat setting,
Washing after dyeing,
Washing after rotary or digital printing.


The famous rope washing machine DELPHIN, known for its washing power and compact design, is available with a revised design that comprises;
Better and more intuitive process control with large touch panel interface,
Fully automatic fabric and load control,
Update chemical dosing with recipe manager.
DELPHIN can also be combined with SCOUT open-width washing sections for variety of processes like;
Washing after dyeing,
Washing after rotary or digital printing,
Bio-polishing for pile development of Terry towels.

Modern Concepts For Finishing

Erbatech foulards are made for the most precise impregnation with as little chemical waste as possible. With many different solutions to choose from, depending on your requirements, a SCOUT FOULARD can be equipped with traditional crowned rollers, center-supported rollers or S-rollers. For synthetic fabric applications an integrated vacuum system is also available. Our foulards are controlled with the latest process control technology and can be made part of any finishing line for wet-on-wet or dry-on-wet applications.

Mathis AG

Plant and mechanical engineering in the dyeing and coating sectors for standard laboratory and production equipment and customized system solutions.

2-Roll horizontal padder type «HF»

2-Roll horizontal padder type «HF», for dyeing and finishing material samples in the nip. The pressure transmission is applied pneumatically.


Spectrophotometric analysis of the dye bath

SmartLiquor «SL-AT» is a state-of-the-art system for the off-line measurement of dye liquors. It is composed of hardware with spectrophotometer, pump for liquid transport and motorized cell changer, controlled by software. It has been designed for the requirements of semi-continuous (Cold Pad Batch, CPB) and continuous dyeing and includes software for the pass/fail analysis of stock tank solutions.


The Colorstar type «CJ» is a 1-position dyeing system for use both in mill laboratories and research institutes. The vast selection of machine versions and versatile accessories means that the «CJ» can be tailored to customer requirements. The dyeing principle works according to the bobbin and beam principle and the exhaust dyeing method, whereby the dye liquor is guided through the stationary material sample, reversing inside – outside or outside – inside. The integrated vacuum pressure pump creates the required atmosphere in the treatment room.


Spectrophotometric analysis of the dye bath

SMART LIQUOR®, for the analysis and optimization of dyeing processes using the exhaust method. It consists of a high quality spectrophotometer and accessories both for continuous on-line and off-line measurement of individual solutions. The powerful software allows monitoring of up to six dyestuffs at the same time. The system can in principle be connected to any dyeing machine in the laboratory and in production. The system can be configured in different ways according to requirements.