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Parallel Winder
Model: PM 1/E, PM 1/2E

The parallel winders of the type PM 1 are used for winding mono- and assembled monofilaments from PP, PA, PE or PES, for cables and for coated yarns as tyre cord. There are the basic types PM 1/E with only one winding mandrel for rewinding tasks or as PM 1/2E with two winding mandrels for take-up winding from extruder line. The PM 1 is composed according to it’s specific task. Because of the broad fields of application, there are machines with only one winding position for rewinding as well as production lines with up to 30 winding positions possible. At such a big line, the winding positions can be stacked in up to 3 levels. For inline use is the PM 1/2 E equipped with two winding mandrels. Therewith it is possible to hand over the thread from one to the other winding mandrel at full winding speed. Basic equipment: Central operation terminal with touch screen and intuitive visualised program operation. Check the actual production parameters of the individual winding positions or a summary of the whole line. You also can set winding parameters and create and administer winding receipts. This results in short setting-up times. Dancer control for constant yarn tension and winding speed.