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MHM - the Textile Printing Equipment Pioneers

Since its founding in 1980, the Austrian based MHM Company has adopted an innovative approach to establish itself as a leading global specialist in Screen Printing Equipment for Textiles. We want you to get even more successful on the market. M-power your business with MHM as your partner in Innovation, Quality and Reliability:

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Recognised worldwide as the industry pioneer, our research and development team continually monitors the ever changing demands and needs of our customers, embracing the very latest developments in technology to make our equipment user-friendly and provide you with the highest possible levels of performance.


MHM equipment is produced from only the highest quality materials and components using state of the art CNC and robotic production equipment. This allows us to ensure that the strictest quality control procedures are maintained, ensuring our equipment will provide you with years of trouble-free production.


The MHM name is trusted by screenprinting professionals all over the world and is synonymous with outstanding reliability. Even today, we never lose sight of this key factor which is paramount to both yours and our future business success.

Made in Austria

All MHM equipment is proudly manufactured in Austria and our passionate, dynamic and forward thinking young team is totally committed to delivering only the very best equipment to compliment your business.

Synchroprint 5000

It’s pretty tough to replace a world-renowned, ultra-high performance press with one that is even better, but that is just what MHM have done with the introduction of the Synchroprint 5000, following the tradition of the SP3000 and SP4000 to be the ultimate machine in sophistication, combining innovative design along with advanced technology and ease of use, this press will change the way you look at carousel screen printing presses forever.
After fine tuning the SP4000 and changing to the latest technology with ALL the latest benefits – tablet control, WIFI integration ,online support, industrial standard PCB, better performance in the AUTO SCREEN version, latest servo technology etc. The SP5000 is now completing the new and modern MHM product family.

IQ-Oval / compact

iQ Oval machines are modular and may be configured for almost any production requirement and offer ‘future proof’ expandability at a fraction of the cost of replacing an existing press which your business has outgrown. As your production requirements grow, simply add additional stations and colours to your current configuration (up to a maximum of 60 stations), increasing your production capability for maximum flexibility with the minimum of fuss. The unique and highly innovative iDS intelligent drive system, gives the iQ-Oval more versatility than any other current production system.

With no heavy chains or belts and no huge drive motor or gearbox to drive the pallet arms, the iDS intelligent drive system offers super smooth and accurate high speed movement in either direction with single, double and triple index facility. Operator safety is also greatly increased due to the iQ-Oval’s unique iDS drive motors, which will stop immediately when sensing the slightest obstruction, eliminating the need for security barriers and making this an incredibly safe and easy machine to operate.

S-Type Xtreme

Our innovative and user friendly M-Touch Pro tablet/pad style main command unit provides simple ‘finger-tip’ controls for all operator functions and has full WIFI capability for instant and real-time technical support, no matter where you are located in the world.

The S-Type Xtreme SERVO comes with more standard features than any other press in its class, including a host of time saving features designed to significantly reduce your set-up times and boost your productivity to a whole new level. Our optional long stroke (LS) models increase flexibility ensuring that the S-Type Xtreme AC can be tailored to fit your individual business needs and budget precisely.

X-Type Plus

The AC-driven indexer provides super-fast production speeds (in either direction) whilst AC-frequency drive printing heads deliver smooth and consistent printing strokes at all speeds and pressures for superior image quality and precise repeatability.

Our familiar, high quality printing heads come as standard making the X-Type Plus instantly recognizable to the operator, minimizing training and maintaining perfect compatibility with both our pre-registration system and our range of optional accessories.

The innovative and user friendly M-Touch Pro tablet/pad style main command unit provides simple ‘finger-tip’ controls for all operator functions and has full WIFI capability for instant and real-time technical support, no matter where you are located in the world. In addition, every printing head has its own keypad for fast and easy adjustments and convenient control during set-up.

MHM Digital V Pro

The MHM Digital V Pro is the perfect starting model into the world of digital textile printing. The machine is made in proven MHM quality and also offers extremely reliable and cost-effective printing.

At the same time, the Digital V Pro is extremely fast and can also compete with the best in terms of production speed: the production throughput is about 200 pieces per hour, depending on material and design.
The technical equipment is also impressive: two micropiazo printheads provide a print with a resolution of 720 x 1200 dpi. The Digital V Pro is built in a very high quality and largely insensitive to external influences such as temperature or humidity. The use of a Flashcure intermediate dryer is not necessary, printed “wet on wet”. Control is provided by the RIP software Caldera V11 and a Zeus V Printer Controller. All in all, the MHM Digital V Pro is the perfect digital starting solution.