About melco

A modular embroidery machine system combines the advantages of conventional multi-head embroidery machines with the advantages of conventional single-head embroidery machines. This is done by connecting between 2 and 30 single-head machines over a network and controlling them from a single computer. This allows you to...
- Group machines with just one click and then load the same design on all of them and change settings simultaneously — just like on a conventional multi-head machine. This minimizes set-up times.
- To have all machines produce independently of each other — just like a single-head machine. So when one machine is at a standstill, all other machines continue to produce.
- Minimize downtime so drastically that your productivity can increase by up to 100%. Thanks to all these factors you save up to 50% of your embroidery production costs!

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Up to 100% more productive than conventional multi-head embroidery machines

Highly flexible

Adjust your production to the order sizes

Your production grows with your business

Benefit from «Mass Customization»

18 additional benefits for you

The Melco EMT 16X offers you 19 unique advantages for your embroidery business. In the developmenet phase, great emphasis was placed on maximum productivity, flexibility and simplicity. The result is an incomparable embrodery machine that sets new standards in the industry. Here you will learn more about what makes it so unique.

1500 stitches per minute

Increase your productivity drastically, thanks to an embroidery speed of up to 1500 stiches per minute. With the help of the automatic thread tension, this pace can be kept during actual production.

Automated thread tension

The patented Acti-FeedTM technology simplifies embroidery, allowing higher stitching speeds in perfect quality with each type of thread and simplifying the production of special effects.

The smallest lower arm in the world

The smallest lower arm (also called free arm) allows you to directly embroider items with small openings — think of shoes, shirt pockets etc..

Laser registration

Position, rotate and scale a design precisely on the garment and combine embroidery with other garment decoration techniques such as laser or printing.

16 needles with colour backup function

You can set up several needles with the same colour — if one thread cone is empty, the machine automatically changes to the next one with the same colour. You can always leave standard colours on the machine and equip a part of the cones with special needles.

Easy operation

Inexperienced users can easily and quickly produce with the simplified interface. In just 30 minutes, you learn the operation of the machine thanks to the intuitive and touch-screen-optimized interface — perfect to reduce your training costs.

Computer operated

Control up to 30 embroidery machines either individually or in clusters from a single PC — change positioning, colour sequence, hoops and upload embroidery designs centrally and without USB sticks.

Remote maintenance

Through your computer we can access your machine and solve about 80% of all support requests quickly and cheaply — all you need is an Internet connection.

Embroider (almost) everything

Embroider almost all items – from caps to shoes. Decorate almost all materials – from leather and carpets to silk.

Highest embroidery quality

Thanks to Acti-FeedTM, you can embroider the smallest letters with pinpoint sharpness and also embroider special effects and special thread types with the highest quality — your customers will be thrilled!

Unbeatable with caps

Embroider caps and hats at up to 1200 stitches per minute and use the industry’s largest cap sew field.

Barcode reader function

Load your embroidery designs and settings directly to your embroidery machines with a barcode or QR-code reader. This avoids manual errors and increases efficiency even further — you only need a standard barcode or QR-code reader.

Industrial embroidery machine

Melco embroidery machines prove themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in industrial embroidery production around the world — with minimal maintenance costs.

VErgonomic design

The machine can be placed with the back to a wall, as you only need access it from the front to operate it or change the thread cones. It can also be moved easily on its machine cart and also fits into most common station wagons, SUV and vans

Automated colour assignment

Automated colour assignment Take advantage of our native OFM file format and our machine automatically colourizes the designs — no more tedious manual assigning of needles!

Design queue

With this function, the machine automatically loads the next job when the current one is finished. All you have to do, is to press «Start» — ideal for the production of personalized items.

OFM file format

Store all settings on the machine directly on the OFM embroidery file and even assign special settings to individual colours / parts of the design — reproductions and centralized design optimization become child’s play!

File formats and look of the embroidery

Melco embroidery machines read all common file formats and can even imitate the look of the embroidery of other embroidery machines — ideal if you already have embroidery machines from a different brand.