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(NASDAQ: KRNT) is an international manufacturing company based in Israel. It produces high-speed industrial inkjet printers, and pigmented ink and chemical products for the garment and apparel, home goods, and textile accessories decorating industry.

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Model: Storm Hexa

30% more colour options

Built for medium to large size direct to garment printers, the Storm Hexa offers an economical approach to printing.The Storm Hexa gives you 30% more colour options by introducing red and green to CMYK. The Kornit Storm HEXA, part of the Kornit’s R-series, is offering the widest colour gamut to produce stunning, true-to- life prints. The Storm HEXA guarantees accelerated print speed, industrial digital textile printing technology and the affordability of the Storm platform. It is the perfect choice for small-to-medium businesses looking to scale up in full colour while keeping costs down. Kornit’s Storm HEXA and Storm 1000 are the most cutting edge printers in the best-selling Storm platform, offering tremendous speed with maximum colour combinations. The ink re-circulation mechanism reduces the need to purge printing heads, increasing the lifespan of the printing heads, and significantly reducing waste and ink costs.