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(NASDAQ: KRNT) is an international manufacturing company based in Israel. It produces high-speed industrial inkjet printers, and pigmented ink and chemical products for the garment and apparel, home goods, and textile accessories decorating industry.

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Model: Avalanche POLY PRO

Join the booming polyester printing arena. Boost your profitability and win all fronts. Say goodbye to dye migration, limited design options, minimum quantity per order and long costly set-up procedures. NO MORE COMPROMISES! Reach high-quality results on both white and dyed polyester fabrics and meet the highest retail standards.The Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro is based on the Kornit New groundbreaking NeoPoly Technology and is paired with the NeoPigmentâ„¢ Olympia Ink. Together, they overcome polyester printing challenges while adding the many advantages of digital textile printing.