High Precision Fiber Winding & Yarning

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Dietze Schell is one of the leading companies in the area of high quality precision winders and yarn refining machines. We have been delivering our high-tech machines to more than 80 countries for more than 60 years. Our business markets extend from Europe via the USA and into the Far East. With more than 21 agencies worldwide and our own staff in the USA, Russia and China we are able to provide optimum service for our customers. Customer satisfaction because of high product quality and service is the main objective of our enterprise philosophy.

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Application: Glass and Basalt Fiber


DS 330, DS 380 Direct Roving Winder
DST 371 Cake Winder
DST 373 Cake Winder
DS 35 E Folding-Roving Winder
DS 60 / DST 90 / DST 90 FB Glass Texturising Machine
THD Hight Density Fabric Winder

Application: Aramind, UHMWPE, PVC Coating Yarn and Tire Cord

DS 10 Precision Cross Winder
DS 10 M Precision Cross Winder
DS 35 Precision Cross Winder
PM 1/E, PM 1/2E Parallel Winder
DS 352 Fully Automatic Presicion Cross Winder

Application: Monofilament

PM 1/E, PM 1/2E Parallel Winder

Application: PAN Precursor


EW 500/800/1000 Precision Cross winder


Model: Technofil Technopolystell

The new SIMA extrusion line Technofil/Technopolysteel is the most advanced technological solution in the field of PP, HDPE, PA, PET monofilament production, and is designed for the manufacturing of twisted ropes, fishing nets, woven nets, industrial web, insulating cables and other industrial applications. The line is conceived to offer the customers the optimum combination of quality and flexibility, based on half century long of SIMA experiences.The extrusion line Technofil/Technopolysteel ascertains, with a modest investment, to cover the requirements of many market sectors maintaining at the same time an high level of reliability and efficiency, not to mention the highest possible quality in the production of the finished product.Polysteel is the brain-child of SIMA's research. It is a new and exlusive product with a low elongation resulting in 50% higher tenacities. Abrasion resistances are exceeding by a factor of ten the resistances of other Polypropylene monofilament products, produces heretofore at drastically reduced production costs (tenacities up to now attainable in line with nylon monofilaments).

Model: Technoyarn

Today polypropylene is a continuous growing material for many textile and industrial applications.
Thanks to its cheap raw material cost, in comparison of the well know synthetic fibers like polyamide, polyester and the natural ones like cotton and wool.
Thanks to its easy and cheap melt-dyeability, polypropylene fiber becomes day by day more used and competitive with the traditional yarns. What have been considered for many years as a polypropylene disadvantage, is now becoming one of PP's virtues.
The need of the textile industry of flexible plants in terms of quantity per lot, easy and economic color change, wide range of production in terms of counts, low energetic cost per kgs of product, high automatization level reducing drastically the labour cost, compactness of the line reducing space are the main reasons for the success of this quite new technology.
Sima has developped his own project dedicated to this field and Technoyarn is the identification of this branch of plants.
Based on SIMA expetise in other field and in consideration of the well known market needs, recently, a fully brand new pproject has been developped by our R & D department.
Technoyarn lines, compact and simples, are designed for a cost effective production of medium tenacity (for textile application) or high tenacity (for industrial application) continuous filament called FDY or CF Yarn.
Design based on actual user's needs, strong construction and quality of components result in highly reliable equipment showing long working life and low maintenance costs.
Please feel free to contact our product expert if you have questions about our products.